Welcome everyone to the updates section of the Parties Department.  This is where you will find all the news on what’s up with your favorite party groups.  Check out some photos of Capricon 22 Fun & Games room parties.  Enjoy!

June 15, 2002 Update

Hey everyone!  DucKon was a few days ago and all of us here at Capricon had a great time there!  I was so happy to see all of you party people there.  The Guilty Pleasures people (Hey Sue & Kevin) tell me they have a huge surprise act for their room party at Capricon this year.  I cannot wait to see who it is.  Thanks also goes out to the Chicago Force people for playing so nice with us and our plans.  Msffa put up a new website at: www.msffa.org check it out!  Do not forget to check out the new web site of the Columbus in 2007 Worldcon bid: www.bidcolumbus.org.  They just announced at Marcon a couple weeks ago.  And hey, they have a hotel picked out unlike Japan in 2007 (sorry Japan, but its true!). 

Register your party as soon as you can!  It costs nothing to register and you get entered into the early bird registration contest.  As of right now the following groups have either confirmed or told me they will be at Capricon:

MSFFA, Guilty Pleasures, DucKon, ConColumbus Worldcon Bid in 2007, Congenial, Man Show, Men in Black, Chicago Force, GT, Xerps in 2010, CONvergence, & The Moulin Rouge Party!

July 12, 2002 Update

Hello once again everyone!  I just got back from CONvergence in Minnesota.  WOW, what a great time we had there.  I want to personally thank Kate who was CONvergence's Registration Head for making us feel at home.  Kate is also one of the great people who comes to Capricon to throw the CONvergence Parties.  I also want to say congradulations to Mathew who is also from CONvergence and is one of the party throwers, he is expecting a new baby! 

CONvergence was a blast from start to finish.  If you have the time next Fourth of July you should defenitley attend.  I cannot say enough about their masquerade as well.  What a good time.  The masquerade started off with a rousing musical number put on by CONvergence that was a scene from Moulin Rouge!  The shows halftime entertainment was by a talented group of performers called Soylent Theater.  They took comedy where comedy has never gone before.  BRAVO!  To sum up my masquerade experience I simply say....REX REX REX REX REX REX!! 

Rex is CONvergence's mascot.  And he brings a lot of fun to the convention, masquerade, and the film room.  Check out his story here.  All I can say is every film room should be run the way Rex and the gang run their's at CONvergence.  Comfy couches, good food, and great films!  Need I say more?  I also would like to say the dead dog in the film room was one of the best times I have had.  The concom, guests of honor, and a few lucky people like myself were all there.  The guests of honor brought a lot of clips for us to watch that had me falling off my chair laughing.  They also brought a behind the scenes look at the next Lord of the Rings movie.  It looks like another blockbuster hit.  So thanks to the guests Mark Altman, Peter Morwood, and Robert Meyer Burnett.  These guys produced a film you may have heard of called Free Enterprise starring William Shatner and Eric McCormick, who plays Will on Will & Grace.

Check out some photos of my CONvergence trip here.  I hope all of you are doing well and had just as much fun as I did on the Fourth of July.  More soon and keep those party registrations coming!



















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