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Room Party Registration

It is very simple to register your room party for Capricon XXIII.  All rooms on the party floor, the 12th floor, are reserved thru Capricon and not the hotel.  First, call the hotel and make a reservation for Capricon, but only for a regular room.  Do not request a parlor or party floor room as it is not necessary.  The Sheratonís phone number is (847)394-2000 or 1-888-625-5144.

Take a look at our map of rooms on the party floor and pick out which room you would like to throw your party from.  Please make a back up choice in case your first choice is already taken.  If you have picked a parlor please let us know if you need any connecting bedrooms with the parlor or not and for which night(s) you need them. 

Next, chose which night(s) you would like to throw your party on.  Capricon has just as many parties on Saturday night as we do Friday so please chose without wondering if one night has less parties being thrown than another.  If you have chosen a parlor as your room please keep in mind that you must throw a room party every night you are staying in a parlor.  Thursday and Sunday nights are exempt from this rule.  If you do throw a party for just one night and would like to still stay the rest of the convention we can arrange to transfer you to a connecting room for the rest of your stay so you do not have to move far.

Then just send me an email at Parties@Capricon.Org with your choices as well as your confirmation number, name, address, and phone number.  Make sure to include a brief description of your party for Capriconís website.  I will let you know if your room choice is still available and send you further information about throwing a party at Capricon.

Please Keep in Mind:

*      All party floor rooms only have king beds.

*      All 12th floor rooms are non-smoking.

*      Parlors have a pull out couch bed in addition to the king bed. 

*      Click here for photos of what the rooms look like. 

*      Rollaway beds are available at $10/night, please let us know if you need one. 

*      Rooms are $115/night. 

 Oversize Regular Rooms:

*      Are longer than the standard rooms and are only found on the party floor. 

*      These guest rooms and the parlors are the only rooms in the hotel wired for high speed internet connections.  Internet connections cost $10 for a 24 hour period. 

*      These are also the only rooms in the hotel to receive FREE local phone calls.  Normally, local calls are .75 cents. 

 New Room Party Policies:

*      There will be a walk thru with yourself, Capriconís Party Liaison (thatís me), and a hotel employee of your room at check-in and out.  This walk thru will happen to make sure the hotel knows what condition your room is in. 

*      There is a $150 deposit (100% refundable if room is not damaged) required for any room on the 12th floor and anyone throwing a party.  If you have a credit card on file this will suffice.

*      If you do not register your party and take care of theses two policies your party will be shut down.  Thanks for your corporation.

Thanks again for throwing a room party at Capricon.  I am looking forward to another great year with all of you my old friends and a lot of new ones.  Please let me know if there is anything else I can do for you or if you have any questions I can answer.  I can be reached at: Parties@Capricon.Org