My friend Janice! Janice was sleepy here.

My friend Crow.

My artist friend Sandra.

Guess who?

Spaceship in center of pool/party area.

Hiya Blur!

Random party pic.

Janice and Crow all dressed up!

My friend Sunshine.

Dance, Sunshine dance.

Sunshine dancing.

Sunshine and friend dancing.


Masquerade 2.

Masquerade 3.

Opening number at Masquerade. Remake of can can scene from Mouline Rouge.

Can can 2.

Sesamie Street at the Masquerde.

Book, book, book, book...

Cow! Cow! Mooooo...mooo....



Strawberry Shortcake.

A perfect Wed. Adams!

Wed. 2

Kingons and the Men in Black?

Klingons and Men in Black out done by the Ladies in White!


Indy at Masquerade.

Lego store at Mall of America.

Lego store at Mall of America.




Convergence Photos

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