Capricon Parties


Are you ready to party like a god?  Are you a party monster?  Either way Capricon XXIII, God’s & Monsters is the place for you!  Get ready for the carnage…err fun! (Insert evil laugh here)  I would like to welcome you all back to another exciting year for Capricon.  Many thanks to everyone who helped make last year such a success here at the Parties Department.  Dare I say that Capricon now has one of the best groups of party throwers anywhere in fandom today.


Weather you are looking to get all the juicy details on all of your favorite parties or weather you are getting ready to throw one this is the place to be!  I will be posting regular updates on all of our parties.  Check back often to find out what’s happening and when.  Don’t think I forgot about all my friends who throw parties!  This year we will be doing more than ever before to continue the successful relationship Capricon has with its room party groups.


Did you say you want to throw a party?  Well then Capricon is still The Best Damn Place PERIOD to throw a room party at.  We offer room placement and reservation assistance, free listings in our convention newspaper, free listings on our website, free listings in our program book, some FREE food or soda for you party, Early Bird Party Registration Contest, and bigger and better prizes to the best room parties than ever before.  So if you want to throw a room party then follow this link, Room Party Registration.


For all of you who want to attend a room party.  I will post Party Listings about when and where all you favorite parties will be this year as well as descriptions for all of the room parties attending Capricon this year.  Keep checking back for updates.  Speaking of updates a new feature this year is the Updates section of the Parties Department.  Check there to see what all your favorite party throwers are up to these days.


Don’t forget to VOTE!  We need you to vote for your favorite room parties.  There are seven categories to vote in.  Please see the rules page for the rules of party voting.  A numbered ballot is given to all Capricon members when you register.  This is the ballot you should use to vote.  It cannot be replaced if lost.  Please keep it safe.  Ballots are due by Noon on Sunday.  Ballot boxes are located by the elevators on the party floor, in the Consuite, and in Operations which is open 24 hours a day.  Please join us at closing ceremonies to cheer on the winners as they are announced.


I am so excited about Capricon this year!  I cannot wait to see all my old party friends and to make some new ones.  I am dedicated to continuing the success and fun we have every year here at Capricon.  Please let me know if there is anything I can do or if there is any question you need answered.  Feel free to contact me at: Parties@Capricon.Org.  As a tribute to some of the best friends and generally best group of people you will ever meet, the people of Mssfa, I say Hakuna Matata to all of you out there and I will see you at Capricon XXIII.


“It’s your worry free….philosophy….hukuna matata!  Yeah!” 

-Timon & Pumba, Disney’s the Lion King


























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